Top 5 birth tourism destinations in the world

Top 5 birth tourism destinations in the world

It is easier to access superior medical care across borders. Thanks to telemedicine and globalization. This has also facilitated the permanence of a trend called birth tourism. But competent doctors and technologically advanced hospitals are not the only two benefits foreign countries have to offer. They also present a chance at dual citizenship – a second passport for your offspring.

There are about 33 countries where birth tourism is possible that practice ‘jus soli’. This means that citizenship is granted automatically to any child born on their soil regardless of their parents’ descent. A second passport will give your child an advantage by providing them with different options for where to live, study, work, and travel.

For the longest time, the USA was the number one destination for birth tourism. But things changed once parents discovered they could give their children similar opportunities elsewhere without spending so much. For example, every U.S. citizen must pay taxes from the age of 18 even if they never set foot on American soil after being born.

So, if you need a backup plan, here is a list of the top five birth tourism destinations in the world:

1. Chile

The Chilean passport gives you visa-free access to 107 countries, a visa on arrival in 50 countries, and a visa required in 41 countries. The country boasts outstanding doctors and great medical facilities. It is not known for terrorist attacks, wars, military constriction, or tax obligations for citizens who live abroad. Even better, parents of Chilean children can apply for residency right away with the prospect of getting citizenship in just a couple of years. 

Contact us if you are considering South American citizenship for your child.

2. Canada

If you are determined to select an English-speaking country, consider Canada. A Canadian passport will enable your child to travel visa-free to 114 countries, visa on arrival to 56 countries and visa required to 28 countries. Your child will have access to public medical care, and educational benefits and wouldn’t have to pay taxes if they don’t reside in the country.

3. Brazil

Besides birthright citizenship, visa-free access to 110 countries, visa on arrival to 51 countries and visa required to 37 countries. Brazil has one more fascinating benefit. It does not extradite its citizens to foreign states which is a “get out of jail free” card for your child if the need arises.

4. Panama

Any child born in Panama becomes a citizen by the right of the soil. Some of the benefits include access to the best hospitals in Latin America and the strictly territorial tax system. Parents of Panamanian babies can apply for naturalization within 3 years of permanent residency. Panama passport allows you to travel visa-free to 88 countries, visa on arrival to 45 countries and visa required to 65 countries.

5. Barbados

If you are interested in the United Kingdom, go for one of its former colonies. A Barbadian passport will enable your child to travel to 110 countries visa-free, 40 countries visa on arrival and 48 countries visa required, including special access to the U.K. There’s also a bonus. If you have any British ancestors, your child will be eligible to apply for a British passport in the future.

Having a baby in another country is a potentially life-defining decision for your child. You have an opportunity to give your baby a better future and most importantly, freedom of choice. Let us advise you on your best options and provide the assistance you’ll need to travel to any country of your choice for birthing your child. Contact us today.

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