Category: Medical Tourism

Top 5 birth tourism destinations in the world

It is easier to access superior medical care across borders. Thanks to telemedicine and globalization. This has also facilitated the permanence of a trend called birth tourism. But competent doctors and technologically advanced hospitals are not the only two benefits foreign countries have to offer. They also present a chance at dual citizenship – a […]
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Benefits and risks of medical tourism

Medical tourism refers to traveling to another country to get a medical procedure. Medical tourists travel abroad seeking alternative treatments not approved in countries like the United States. Or those not available in Nigeria and other African nations.  This concept is successful for millions of people each year and is on the rise for numerous […]
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Cancer Awareness

5 early signs of the most common cancers

The early signs of cancers are often nonspecific, and most people don’t present with obvious symptoms until it has progressed to later stages, making early diagnosis difficult. The earliest stage of cancer is referred to as stage 1 and presents with a smaller tumor that has not yet grown deeply into nearby tissues or the lymph nodes. […]
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