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Oral Surgery: Definition & Types

Oral surgery is a surgical procedure performed in the oral cavity. The oral cavity includes the teeth, mucous membranes, and accessory tissue. This surgery is performed to fix or remove pathological anatomical anomalies. It is the dental specialty that manages conditions in and around the mouth requiring surgery. Operations are usually carried out at the […]
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Cosmetic Surgery vs Bariatric Surgery: Which is best for you?

Attaining the kind of body you want is tough, no matter the cosmetic surgery. However, alongside dietary and lifestyle modifications, cosmetic surgery (liposuction in this case) and bariatric surgery are some options that can help you get there.  These treatments have helped begin positive and permanent changes to both mental and physical health for many. […]
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7 things to prepare yourself for after Bariatric Surgery

Life after bariatric surgery isn’t always what people envision. In addition to changes in your appetite, you may experience unplanned changes in your eating habits, lifestyle, social life, relationships, emotions, mental health, and finances. The differences often surprise people who hoped that the procedure would offer an easy way to lose weight. Many people enjoy an improved […]
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Why is BBL so popular?

There are several reasons people opt to have a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). It is an elective surgery involving the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the buttocks to contour its shape and enhance its size. Some may undergo the procedure to fit better in their clothes. Others may want more […]
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10 limitations of liposuction

Setting realistic expectations for patients is an issue plastic surgeons deal with every day. Nobody enjoys disappointing people who may not fully understand the limitations of plastic surgery or liposuction. However, it is necessary to be direct and honest about possible outcomes and what is realistic. Liposuction has the most misconception of the five most […]
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