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What Foods, Medications, and Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

What Pregnant Women Should Avoid During pregnancy, every mother should try to keep herself and her baby as healthy and safe as possible. To do that, the mother needs to take certain precautions when eating, moving, working, and socializing. Below you will find a list of foods, drinks, medicines, vitamins, illnesses, work conditions, and exercises […]
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Sleeping positions and how they affect your health

When you fluff up your pillow, grab your blanket, and prepare to sleep, you might not realize that your nighttime sleeping positions can affect your health. Whether you prefer abdominal, back, side, or fetal positions, the way you curl up in bed can affect everything from your breathing, neck and back pain, and blood circulation. […]
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Could your workout routine cause hearing loss?

When trying out your fitness routine, pay attention to how loud you turn up the volume of your workout playlist to avoid hearing loss. Around 50% of people between the ages of 12 and 35 – roughly 1.1 billion people worldwide – are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds, […]
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Why should I get health insurance?

If you’ve never bought health insurance on your own or you don’t deal with numerous health problems, it may be tempting to forego health coverage to save on monthly premiums. However, taking the benefit of a health care plan may help you save costs in the long run. While you don’t intend to get ill […]
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