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Are collagen supplements really effective?

Oral collagen supplements are an excellent example of a popular product cosmetic makers claim can have miraculous anti-aging benefits. But there’s plenty of debate about whether consuming these supplements is the best way to improve collagen quality, increase production, and slow degradation. In a culture obsessed with skincare, it can be tough to know which […]
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5 tips for getting the best results from non-surgical body contouring

When it comes to non-surgical body contouring treatments recovery is a big deal. So, it is important to go in armed with knowledge. Whether you’re heading in for Emsculpt Neo®, CoolSculpting®, Qwo™, or any of the other minimally invasive procedures available, there is still some post-procedure advice that helps facilitate the recovery process and improve results. Types of […]
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Treatment of unexplained infertility in men and women

Before searching for infertility treatments, one must fully understand what unexplained infertility means. According to the definition of unexplained infertility, it happens when the standard tests for infertility are inconclusive and unable to identify a cause for one’s inability to conceive. After a fertility specialist conducts an all-around series of tests and is unable to […]
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4 factors women should consider before they freeze their eggs

Women freeze eggs for numerous reasons, including to combat the effects of ageing on reproduction. The latest data released by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority states that there is an increasing number of women undergoing this process. There is also very little guidance for those women, who are considering this procedure.  5 factors women should consider […]
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Cosmetic Surgery vs Bariatric Surgery: Which is best for you?

Attaining the kind of body you want is tough, no matter the cosmetic surgery. However, alongside dietary and lifestyle modifications, cosmetic surgery (liposuction in this case) and bariatric surgery are some options that can help you get there.  These treatments have helped begin positive and permanent changes to both mental and physical health for many. […]
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