5 tips for getting the best results from non-surgical body contouring


5 tips for getting the best results from non-surgical body contouring

When it comes to non-surgical body contouring treatments recovery is a big deal. So, it is important to go in armed with knowledge. Whether you’re heading in for Emsculpt Neo®, CoolSculpting®Qwo™, or any of the other minimally invasive procedures available, there is still some post-procedure advice that helps facilitate the recovery process and improve results.

Types of non-surgical body contouring

These contouring procedures normally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Fat freezers via cryo-lipolysis (CoolSculpting®)
  2. Fat melters with lasers, radiofrequency (RF), and/or thermal energy (i.e. SculpSure®, Vanquish™, TruSculpt®, etc.),
  3. Fat-dissolving, cellulite-smoothing, and collagen-building injectables (hi, Kybella®, Qwo™, hyper-diluted Radiesse® or Sculptra®)
  4. Electromagnetic muscle toners (à la Emsculpt®)

Note: These treatments are not for weight loss. Instead, they are designed to fine-tune areas like the stomach, thighs, upper arms, or butt for a more sculpted appearance. 

5 tips for getting the best results from non-surgical body contouring

1. Skip the salt

After the procedure, the body is placed in a short-term inflammatory condition, so limiting salt intake to essentially zero is encouraged. Refraining from alcohol use for 48 hours is also advised. Alcohol and salt will contribute to swelling and bloating.

It is better to eat a diet that consists of lean protein, plant-based fats, unprocessed carbohydrates, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables (think: vitamins A, C, and E).

2. Stay away from the gym

While you may be roused to hit the gym to bolster the results, don’t. Keep your routine simple for the first day or two. Some health providers may ask you to wait 24 hours before exercising to allow the metabolic toxins to be flushed out and for muscle recovery. You will also be advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing after the procedure to help minimize possible soreness.

3. Don’t forget to massage

Some treatments, including CoolSculpting®, require massage during and after treatment to enhance the result. Studies show that patients who receive post-treatment manual massage enjoy a “consistent and discernible increase” in fat reduction. Data from two and four months later show improved fat destruction of 40 to 70 percent.

4. Think of compression

Compression garments are most normally recommended after surgical body contouring treatments like tummy tucksarm lifts, thigh lifts, and even liposuction. But certain non-surgical procedures may benefit from it as well. Be sure to check with your provider before wearing to ensure it will not interfere with results.

5. Complement with skincare

You may consider augmenting your body sculpting session with a topical treatment. Arnica gel can help minimize swelling when applied to the treatment area. Useful skincare products enhance and accelerate the results of non-surgical body contouring procedures by supporting the body’s natural repair processes. They also aid in clearing away fat cells that have been broken down during treatment. The formula also helps improve the skin’s hydration levels and overall texture.


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