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Top 5 birth tourism destinations in the world

It is easier to access superior medical care across borders. Thanks to telemedicine and globalization. This has also facilitated the permanence of a trend called birth tourism. But competent doctors…
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12 facts you should know about sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease is an inherited form of anaemia where red blood cells become abnormally long and pointed, similar to the shape of a banana. It affects approximately 100,000 people in…
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7 types and signs of childhood cancer

Although there are many different types of childhood cancer, the risk for any one child to have cancer is fairly low. Altogether, there are only about 150 cases of childhood cancer for…
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7 types of cosmetic dental procedures you should know

The number of people seeking cosmetic dental procedures is on the rise. Even on some reality shows, dentists have showcased how modern science can transform almost anyone’s teeth to give…
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Benefits and risks of medical tourism

Medical tourism refers to traveling to another country to get a medical procedure. Medical tourists travel abroad seeking alternative treatments not approved in countries like the United States. Or those…
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Is Liposuction safe? Facts to consider

The question, “is liposuction safe?” Consistently runs through the minds of intending patients and interested persons alike. This article sheds light on some facts you should know about liposuction. It…
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