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Knowing more about polyps and colon cancer

A colon polyp is a growth that occurs on the wall of the large intestine or colon. Polyps are common in people over 40 and often grow slowly. They can…
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What Foods, Medications, and Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

What Pregnant Women Should Avoid During pregnancy, every mother should try to keep herself and her baby as healthy and safe as possible. To do that, the mother needs to…
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Breast augmentation: Things to consider and what to expect

Breast cosmetic operations, including breast augmentation, lift, or reduction, have become one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world over the years. Women seeking breast augmentation for aesthetic…
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Telemedicine: Why video consultations are a good option for urgent care

Emergency care medicine began to expand in the 1990s. This was due to a decrease in the number of primary care appointments available. It was also due to frustration with…
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Why am I always cold? 5 potential causes

Have you ever shared an office or house with someone who is not bothered by the heat even on a hot summer day? Or maybe you’re the one who always…
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Sleeping positions and how they affect your health

When you fluff up your pillow, grab your blanket, and prepare to sleep, you might not realize that your nighttime sleeping positions can affect your health. Whether you prefer abdominal,…
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